Terms and Conditions

Cancelling or modifying an order

If you would like to cancel or modify an order which has already been sent please contact ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls as quickly as possible via email acquadifirenze@acquadifirenze.com

Information about order status and shipping

Information about shipping and tracking will be sent to the client at the email address provided when placing the order.

This will allow the client to check the site of the courier/delivery company used to verify the delivery status of their order, and to contact the relative call centre if necessary.

Copies of documentation (invoices, delivery notes, etc) and data corrections

To request copies of documents (invoices, delivery notes etc), or to correct data, the client can contact ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls via email at ammin@acquadifirenze.com You will need to indicate which type of document is required, or indicate the number of the document which needs to be corrected, or indicate the number of the document for which you require extra copies, so please have these details at hand.

Product warranty

All products sold by ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls are covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty and 24 month warranty for defects of conformity in accordance with Legislative Decree 24/02.

Telephone and Fax Numbers

General Information & Customer Service:


50132 Firenze – ITALIA
P.iva 06494660480


Payments made on this site are safe and guaranteed, and can be carried out in the following ways:

-Payment by advance bank transfer;

– Payment by credit card;

– Payment with Paypal.

Payment by bank transfer

If a payment is carried out via bank transfer the order will be processed upon receiving confirmation from the bank that the funds have arrived.

Payment must be made within 3 days of placing the order. After this date, if payment has not been received, the order will be automatically cancelled.

The bank transfer should include details of order number, order date and the customer’s full name.

The availability of the products will be confirmed upon receiving payment.

Bank transfers should be made to:


P.iva 06494660480 – 50132 Firenze – ITALIA

IBAN: IT89V0301503200000003579092



Payment by credit card

If the goods are paid for by credit card, upon completing the order transaction the customer’s bank will authorize the purchase. If an order is cancelled by the customer or in the case of the contract being rejected by ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls , ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls will request that the transaction be cancelled and will transfer the amount involved by payment reversal. The release times will depend exclusively on the banking system. Once the transaction has been cancelled, ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls is, in no way, to be held responsible for delays and/or damages caused by the banking system.

ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls reserves the right to ask the customer for additional information or to send copies of documents which prove ownership of the card being used. If the customer does not provide such information and/or documentation, ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls reserves the right to refuse to conclude the contract.

At no point during the purchasing process by credit card will ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls be able to access personal information about the credit card holder, since the information is transmitted directly by the protected site of the bank which is handling the transaction.

Payment with PayPal

Upon selecting to pay with PayPal the customer will be redirected to a page on the PayPal website where it will be necessary for the customer to insert their email address and password and proceed to make the payment.

Your financial details will not be shared with ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls, but will be handled directly by PayPal.

In the event of order cancellation or non-acceptance by ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls the amount will be refunded to the customer’s PayPal account. ARTE DEL PROFUMO ® srls will not be held responsible for delays and / or damages caused during the refund process.