Venus Marina


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Inspired by the “Birth of Venus” painted by Sandro Botticelli, Venus Marina is a light breeze on the sea: it is the gentle breath of Zephyrus and Borea that pushes the goddess, floating on a shell, toward the island of Cyprus; it is the salt-sea foam that freshens up the skin and purifies the air, thanks to the fleeting note of Bergamot that, combined with the balmy Elemi and the sea accord, overwhelms the senses with a Mediterranean sensation of freshness, emphasised by the Sea Pine.
The heart is a bouquet of flowers, some of them appear in Botticelli’s work, such as the Cornflower and are intimately associated with the Goddess, such as the fragrant Rose, the Myrtle and the Violet. The Lavender, while not being present in the painting, accentuates the freshness of the top notes, embraces and pushes up the Sea Pine of the base, thus creating a refreshing continuum that goes through the entire olfactory pyramid and lasts for hours, giving the idea of being suspended between the sea and the sky, feeling the cool caress of the sea breeze.

Size: 100 ml with Spray.

Bergamia (Bergamotto), Canarium luzonicum (Elemi), Concentus marinus (Accordo Marino)

Rosa, Genista (Ginestra), Lavandula, Myrtus, Viola, Cyanus segetum (Fiordaliso), Ranuncolus, Orchis (Orchidea)

Pinus pinaster (Pino Marittimo), Cedri lignum, Moschus

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