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An Enchantment: an Orange Grove in full bloom and laden with ripe fruit at one time; the aromatic scent of Myrtle and Laurel; a Meadow filled with brilliantly colored Flowers and Greenery.
A Myth: an orchestrated group of figures, against the blue of a time- and depthless sky, Deities of ancient memory conveying mysterious messages.
Primavera: skillfully created drawing Inspiration from Botticelli’s sublime masterpiece, this fragrance synthesizes in a harmonious and mythical Essence, the Beauty and the Wealth of Nature … The Reverie of being led through a fabulous Garden, seduced by a sparkling, aromatic opening, mixed with a floral bouquet and enriched with a woody and musky bottom.

Citrus Limon (Limone), Citrus Sinensis (Arancio dolce), Myrtus, Laurus Nobilis, Cupressus (Cipresso)

Rosa, Iasminum (Gelsomino), Iris Florentina, Viola, Genista (Ginestra), Pittosporum, Freesia, Heliotropium

Pasciulì, Santalum (Sandalo), Indomuscone, Ambra, Benzoinum, Moschus (Muschio)