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The deep and almost spiritual Feeling of resting in the Arms of a Woman, embodying a timeless Femininity, sophisticated and elegant. The Inspiration comes from the combination of floral and mysterious Scents.
The opening Accord of Angelica, Incense and Myrrh is completed with a Hint of dry fragrant Cedarwood. The Heart is a blooming Garden, emanating sweet Whiffs of Lavender, Rose, Hyacinth, Mimosa, Daffodil, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, embellished with the final Echo of the elegant Florentine Iris. The woody Impression, developed in the final Phase of the Fragrance, is emphasized by opulent Notes like Patchouly and Vetiver, blended with precious muski Accents.

Citrus Limon (Limone), Citrus Sinensis (Arancio dolce), Myrtus, Laurus Nobilis, Cupressus (Cipresso)

Rosa, Iasminum (Gelsomino), Iris Florentina, Viola, Genista (Ginestra), Pittosporum, Freesia, Heliotropium

Pasciulì, Santalum (Sandalo), Indomuscone, Ambra, Benzoinum, Moschus (Muschio)