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Antiqua is a precious casket jealously guarding the sublime perfume of Renaissance Art, a wonderful synthesis in which the canons of classical beauty, the harmony of the Romanesque style and the spiritual suggestions of the Gothic style converge.
Light, warm and opulent, the fragrance emanates from the nostalgic sweetness of Hazelnut and Black Currant leaves and is embellished with the spicy Gingerbread note that confers a chivalric pride.
This antique whiff persists with the note of Iris, while the gentleness of the bouquet made of Jasmine, Peony, Rose and Violet is invigorated by black pepper and raised to otherworldly levels by Incense.
The scent is further warmed by Cedarwood, emphasising the classic elegance, and a passionate note of Patchouli enclosed in a moist, fresh and corroborating Vetiver.

Size: 250 ml with sticks.

Ribes nigrum, Coryli avellanae folia (Foglie di nocciola), Zingiber (Zenzero)

Iris Florentina, Piper album, Incensum, Iasminum (Gelsomino), Peonia, Heliotropium, Rosa, Gardenia, Viola, Lavandula

Cedri lignum, Vetiveria, Pasciulì, Moschus

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