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Acqua Fiorentina, a distillate of elegance and timeless femininity, is a floral chypre inspired by the “Acqua della Regina”, Caterina de’ Medici’s perfume, with the characteristic aroma of Violet, obtained from Iris rhizomes, whose ancient recipe is jealously guarded in Florence at the Officina di Santa Maria Novella.
Just like the legendary “Acqua di Caterina”, the fragrance hovers in the air as you first spray, with a cool note of Bergamot wrapped in a greenish and herbaceous mantle of Angelica, that elevates it to an otherworldly dimension, suspended between space and time.
The ethereal evanescence conferred by the Angel’s Herb descends on the spicy, sweet and slightly pungent sensuality given by the pink Pepper, and leads to a flowery and refined heart, consisting of a bouquet of Rose, Freesia, Gardenia and Orchid. The landing on the heart is made soft and embracing by the note of Iris, undisputed star of the fragrance that, along with the Viola, gives the fragrance a subtle femininity and a nostalgic sweetness. The citrusy note of Verbena softens the sugariness of Acacia and recalls the freshness of the early Bergamot. As the hours pass a talc softness remains on the skin, while the floral bouquet vanishes and an even more earthy and damp sensuality, due to the base of Patchouly and Labdanus, comes to light.
The evocative colour of the fragrance, recalling the Iris and the Violet, draws inspiration from the changing colors (from pink to indigo) of the aura that at dawn interferes between the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore and the sky.

Size: 100 ml with Spray.

Acqua Fiorentina - Piramide olfattiva

Bergamia (Bergamotto), Angelica, Schinus molle (Pepe Rosa)

Viola, Iris Florentina, Freesia, Rosa, Acacia, Gardenia, Verbena, Orchis (Orchidea)

Pasciulì, Labdanum, Moschus

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